Q/A: What is Objective Media?

Earlier this month, we formally launched Objective Media after more than a year of testing technology, data and digital strategies.  If you’ve heard about Objective Media but aren’t sure how it can work for you, we’ve taken the time to answer a few questions about this new venture and its capabilities in 2020.

As always, if you want to learn more, you can email us at contact@objective.biz.

  1. Tell us about Objective Media. What is it going to accomplish for companies, campaigns and causes?
  • Because of the constant evolution of the digital space, we built an agency focused exclusively on ad delivery. Far too often, digital focuses only on the creative and the message. We feel there is a huge opportunity to help our clients have a competitive advantage by ensuring they have the best technologies, data, ad inventory and strategies in the industry. Additionally, we have made wholesale investments in ad inventory to ensure our clients are getting the best product at the best price. We’re confident they’ll have that with Objective Media.Since our launch last week, we have had tons of interest from political agencies and campaigns as well as corporate buyers. We will be providing ad placement services for companies, causes and campaigns that are looking for an objective-driven digital strategy.
  1. Does Objective work with companies as well as political campaigns?
  • We think there are hardscrabble, resource efficient techniques somewhat unique in the political space and tools, technology and tactics unique to corporate digital. We want to marry those approaches to create cost-efficient campaigns that get results.When we set out to build Objective Media, we explored and tested platforms, techniques and data from the corporate space to ensure our clients would have access to the best digital advertising around. Our team has extensive experience delivering results for both campaigns and corporate clients, and we look forward to continuing to do that at Objective Media.
  1. How have has media evolved in the last few years? Do you think an evolving process is more important than a static one?
  • If our product and approach doesn’t evolve every day to meet the evolving media consumption habits of consumers then our campaigns are bound to fail. In every facet of a campaign we must reflect our consumers. That means, our placements must reflect their consumption habits, our messages must reflect their beliefs and our creative must reflect their interests.
  1. Does having digital media make or break a political campaign?
  • Digital has become a phase 1 requirement of campaigns, whether corporate or political. Historically, all campaigns were back loaded with 90% of media budgets spent in the final 10% of the campaign. Now, digital has changed that as it allows early and efficient messaging, rapid response to daily events and, most importantly, asset building that allows the campaign to gather data that informs the day-to-day strategic approach of the campaign.
  1. What makes Objective Media unique in the digital space?
  • In a word: innovation. We have an obsession with innovating our product to meet the emerging trends in digital media consumption. From our creative development, messaging and digital buying strategies, I am confident we’re putting the best digital product to work for our clients every day.Our campaigns will deploy technologies such as 3rd party fraud prevention, real-time modeling techniques to optimize creative and pacing strategies to ensure resource efficiency and campaign effectiveness. Stay tuned for more on our unique approach!
  1. Where do you think digital will go in 2020?
  • Digital will always change so long as consumers’ media consumption habits continue to evolve. It creates a challenge for us to meet those demands but, more importantly, it creates an opportunity for innovators who are investing in their product, continually study their craft and exploring the newest technologies, data and strategies. That’s what we do every day.
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